Flowtite GRP pipe systems around the world, around the clock

Flowtite GRP pipe systems are used in many applications. They can be found in the transmission of drinking water, in sewage applications and irrigation, in power plants as well as in trenchless and industrial applications.

Flowtite rainwater storage tank in Germany

Sewer and stormwater systems that will never corrode


Flowtite sewer pipes have a custom-tailored pipe structure design and are highly resistant to corrosive substances and therefore ideal for piping municipal wastewater.

Flowtite potable water pipes Stavanger, Norway

Potable water:
Safe supply of clean drinking water for generations


Tested and certified for potable water quality in many countries around the world, Flowtite pipes represent a solution for generations.

Flowtite jacking pipe for sewer main in Bettembourg, Luxembourg

Trenchless applications:
The perfect option for 24-hour-cities to install without disruption


With their high strength, light weight, smooth inner and outer surface, and long lifetime, Flowtite pipes are perfectly suited for trenchless applications like jacking and microtunneling.

Flowtite hydropower pipe Vangpollen, Norway

Power production with less emissions and more output


The very smooth inner surface of Flowtite hydropower pipes guarantees a low head loss, maximum energy output and constant hydraulic characteristics.

Flowtite irrigation pipes installation in Arabayona, Spain

Irrigation and raw water:
A bigger crop with less water, whatever the weather


Flowtite irrigation pipes allow for controlled low-maintenance water distribution and decisively reduce the costs throughout the system’s lifecycle.

Flowtite Orange pipes

Flowtite Orange:
Special liner for extreme conditions.


Flowtite Orange enables transport of fluids containing highly abrasive materials such as slurries from the mining industry, storm water containing extreme volumes of sand and gravel, and other applications with extreme wear exposure.

Flowtite industrial pipes for world's largest desalination plant Ras-Al-Khair in Saudi Arabia

Turnkey projects on industrial applications for a powerful future


Flowtite pipes are used for various kinds of industries where extraordinary operating conditions call for chemically, mechanically, and thermally resistant pipe materials.