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Flowtite Product Guide
 Flowtite GRP pipe systems 
Flowtite Grey
 High impact GRP pipe 
Flowtite Orange
 Extreme wear resistant GRP pipe 
Hydropower and penstock applications
 Flowtite pipe systems for Hydropower and penstock applications 
Gravity sewer
 Flowtite pipe systems for gravity sewer applications 
Pressure Sewer
 Flowtite pipe systems for pressure sewer applications 
Storage sewer systems
 Flowtite GRP storage sewer systems for retaining and treating stormwater 
 Flowtite pipe systems for irrigation applications 
Corrosion free water mains
 Flowtite GRP pipes for potable water applications 
Potable water tanks
 Professional solutions for drinking water storage 
Raw water
 Flowtite pipe systems for raw water applications 
Fire water tanks
 Modern solutions for the storage of fire water 
Bridge and tunnel drainage
 Flowtite GRP pipe systems for bridge and tunnel drainage 
Subaqueous installations
 Flowtite GRP pipe systems for subaqueous installations 
Technical characteristics
 Technical characteristics of Flowtite pipe systems 

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Installation guide above ground
 Flowtite installation guide above ground with non-restrained joints 
Installation guide buried pipes
 Flowtite installation guide for buried pipes 
Installation guide GRP manholes
 Flowtite installation guide for GRP manholes 
 Collection of case studies of Flowtite hydropower projects 
Gravity Sewer and Pressure Sewer
 Collection of case studies of Flowtite gravity sewer and pressure sewer projects 
Stormwater Systems
 Collection of case studies of Flowtite stormwater systems 
Water Applications
 Collection of case studies of Flowtite water applications 
Potable Water Reservoirs
 Collection of case studies of Flowtite potable water reservoir projects 
 Collection of case studies of Flowtite irrigation projects 
Bridge Dewatering
 Collection of case studies of Flowtite bridge dewatering projects 

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